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Company Intro

We train, we coach, we facilitate.

Integrating positive psychology, NLP, Neuro-Semantics, Meta-Coaching and Hypnosis, we first seek to understand your needs, then provide the most professional and unique ideas, and finally facilitate and coach you and your organization to the best you and the highest performance.

 - Linking all the ideas from your mind and putting into action.

成立於 2007 年,我們是一家融滙國際商管經驗、以行為心理學、教練啟導學,催眠等為基礎的專業培訓公司。我們銳意為客戶提供獨特專業的意見和具市場效益的培訓方案。

- 發掘既高且遠的意念和意向,無窮動力源於此。

達以行 - 行動爆發動力,動力引發持續力,意念隨之而達。



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